Innova Orc disc dye

Here is a disc dye I did a while back on a Star Innova Orc.  The design was custom work done by a coworker of mine.  It had a little bit of bleeding, though.

A very orcish Orc
A very orcish Orc

For this disc dye, I tried something different.  Instead of printing on paper and taping it to the vinyl to cut out, I bought some full page page, adhesive backed labels and printed on that.  I put that on the vinyl and didn’t have any problems with the picture shifting while cutting it out.

I’m still working out the kinks when I apply the vinyl to the disc.  Do I remove the adhesive label before I dye the disc or leave it on?  Removing the label might compromise the edges of the disc dye stencil.  Leaving it on could make the label paper saturate and cause it to still bleed.

I guess I’ll figure it out.