Disc dyeing tutorial

I have this great Innova Champion Roc3 mid-range disc… that I can never find.  It’s not because I threw it poorly, mostly, but because I just can’t see it.  I’m “color deficient,” so I can see most colors just fine, but have a really hard time with reds and greens.  So, finding this clear, pink disc can be a challenge and 75% of the time I’m asking my buddies to help me find it, even though it’s 12 feet right in front of me.  Rather than buying a new disc, I decided to dye it to a more visible color.  

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Search for “The Hat”

For at least the last couple of years, I thought I just had to have a leather cowboy or outback hat.  Who cares how hot it gets in the South?  It’s a leather hat after all, right?  Well, I still want a leather hat, I mean who doesn’t, right?  But, after being dissuaded by my better half, I started looking for something just as cool – a canvas hat.  Now, there are all kinds of canvas hats out there, and I’m sure they are all quality hats, but many do not have what I would call “character.”

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New discs today

New disc golf discs

Ok, so, over the last few months I have really gotten into disc golf.  Just ask my wife, it’s almost all I ever talk about.  It’s really a shame I’m not better than I am by now… but at least I got some new discs today!  And the folks at Infinite Discs threw in a cool sticker with my order.

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