It Was There All Along

If you had asked me two weeks ago, this website was dead. The domain was coming up for renewal and I had zero intention of renewing it. It felt like a silly domain name that implied incompetence that nobody would take seriously.

But that was two weeks ago. I’ve reached a point where I can embrace Dabblesmith. It’s a good domain name that implies that I do all kinds of things. It doesn’t speak to my competence.

What’s so special about two weeks ago?

Great question. But to really understand, you have to go back a couple more weeks.

Recently, I’ve been helping a friend with their website and it got me revved up to get back to work on my own. So, wanting to start fresh, I was going to make the domain name to end all domain names!

I totally and utterly failed.

I failed because I was trying to do too much with it. I wanted it to be a generic name that wouldn’t be tied down to one industry or niche. It could be used for a web design company, custom furniture business, or personal blog. The sky was the limit.

Welcome to reality

After burning my eyeballs out for close to three weeks looking at domain name generators, I realized I was going too broad. What I really needed to do was focus in and decide what did I really want to do.

After a lot of thinking, I realized I wanted to do it all! But I had to break it into chunks. Web design needed its own domain. Custom furniture needed its own domain. Personal blog needed its own domain and what do you know, I already had a great one (although I wasn’t ready to accept it yet).

See where I’m going?

I kept looking for a few more days until I just really got tired of it and realized that Dabblesmith really was a good domain name.

Go figure.

Going to bed

I’ve spent the better part of my free time the past two days working on rebuilding from the ground up. Clean server space and new database. I took an existing theme template and made it my own.

It may not be perfect, but it is what it is. Kinda like me.