Search for “The Hat”

For at least the last couple of years, I thought I just had to have a leather cowboy or outback hat.  Who cares how hot it gets in the South?  It’s a leather hat after all, right?  Well, I still want a leather hat, I mean who doesn’t, right?  But, after being dissuaded by my better half, I started looking for something just as cool – a canvas hat.  Now, there are all kinds of canvas hats out there, and I’m sure they are all quality hats, but many do not have what I would call “character.”  I wanted something that would beat in well and looked like it was actually made out of canvas, not that fancy twill stuff that you find in high end sporting goods stores.  I have one of those already ;).  Thus began my sincere internet search for the perfect canvas hat.

My search really didn’t take long.  When I search for ‘canvas hat’, a shot of Woody Harrelson kept showing up.  He was wearing my hat!  Ok, so it wasn’t my hat, but it was the kind of hat I was looking for.  Not much searching more led me to the Real Deal Brazil website.  Now, these guys have some serious canvas hats!  They make hats and bags out of recycled tarps that used to cover truck beds in Brazil.  After reading their story and hat reviews, I was sold!  I ended up ordering the original tarp hat, the same one Woody was wearing.  I knew from the website that none of the hats would be identical and blemishes, stamps, and patches were par for the course.  So, I knew the hat I ordered would be uniquely mine.

I love my Real Deal Brazil tarp hat.  It has seen at least a dozen or more rounds of disc golf in South Carolina.  And when you are folicularly challenged, having a quality hat to keep the sun off your head is a must.  This is one hat, not like my fancy twill hat, that I am not worried about getting dirty, damaged, or sweating in.  I know it will stand up to whatever I can throw at it and will look that much more awesome afterward.


Oh, yeah, almost forgot the hat pics!  For your viewing pleasure…


Please, no drooling… Ok, go ahead and drool…