More New Discs

One Does Not Simply Buy Just One Disc

I got more new discs today!  I lost my Innova Champion TeeBird a couple of weeks ago to a terribly placed shot out at the disc golf course.  So, me being me, I had to replace it.  Like the man said, “One does not simply buy just one disc.”  It is a mantra to live by.

Innova Star Thunderbird and Innova Star TeeBird
Innova Star Thunderbird and Star TeeBird

The new discs are an Innova Star TeeBird and Innova Star Thunderbird.  They are a bit heavier than the last discs I ordered, 164 gm and 168 gm respectively.  That’s ok, though.  I got these more for forehand throws and shots needing more of a hyzer line.

And, again, me being me, I had to put add my ‘t-bird’ to my new TeeBird.  I am working on a stencil dyeing tutorial, and it should be up by the end of the week.

Innova Star TeeBird with dyed stencil
Innova Star TeeBird