Holster pattern – making a template

I want to make myself an outside the waistband (OWB) holster with a flat body side and molded outside.  The only method I have found is to mold the holster directly to the pistol.  Instead of doing that, I want to make a holster pattern and template that I can reuse.  I will be trying  different methods to make a template.  For this one, I will be using your common, every day, paper bag.

To make the template for the pattern, I have to make a mold of the pistol.  In making the mold, I will be wetting a cut-out section of a paper bag over my pistol.  To protect it, I wrapped it in what was left of our plastic wrap.

Note to self: buy more plastic wrap.

Step 1: Wet and form pistol mold

To start, lightly wet the paper with a spray bottle.  When the paper is damp enough, gently form it around the pistol with your fingers.  The paper will get softer as you work with it and will allow you to form it around the trigger guard.  Be careful that you don’t tear it.  Use a paper towel to dab away any excess water.

Wet paper with spray bottle Form around pistol Form around pistol Form around pistolDry excess water

Step 2: Trace the pistol mold

Now that the paper bag formed around your pistol, trace around it.  I found that Sharpie works best.  Pencil didn’t leave a dark enough mark and tended to tear the paper.  Don’t forget to trace across the front of your pistol.

Trace around pistol mold Trace around pistol mold Trace around pistol mold Trace across front of pistol

Step 3: Smooth and cut template

Once the pistol form has been traced, remove the paper and smooth it out.  Here you can see that I didn’t trace the trigger guard very well.  Go ahead and make any adjustments to the template that you traced out.  This gives a pretty accurate template for your pistol when you get to making the actual holster pattern.

Smooth out pistol mold Make adjustments to template Cut out template

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